After the live broadcast of News Zero last Monday, Sakurai Sho gained words of respect from Governor Yanagida Seiji. It’s a given that the newscasters are using the pointers to point on the big screen when they’re explaining. However, only when the Governor’s photo appeared on the screen, Sakurai-caster put away the pointer and pointed at his face using his hand instead because it’s rude to point at people’s faces using pointers.

The Governor praised him for being polite and thoughtful and some others added by saying that he is a respectable young man who pays attention even to the smallest details.

I wasn’t tagged by anyone, I just wanted to do this ;p

1. Your favorite (music) artists besides Arashi?
My all time fav would be Westlife, (used to be) 5 people, were together for 10 years or so.. And currently I love AKMU, just because they’re super talented.

2. Name 5 favorite Arashi songs.
Super Fresh, Energy Song, Welcome to our party, Subarashiki Sekai, full of love.

3. Your favorite Sakurap?
The one that’s stuck in my head atm is from Face Down, Supernova next to door! XD

4. Your favorite Arashi (members) dramas?
Kazoku Game, HanaDan, KagiHeya, NazoDi and My Girl. Sadly my bae’s dramas aren’t one of my favs, I love his movies though. :D

5. What country would you like to visit?
Japan, South Korea, America, Paris, Turkey, etc.

6. What countries have you been to?
I’ve been to most of the SEA countries, except for Laos and Vietnam. I’ve been to the UK, Holland, some other parts of Europe when I was really young and was in a state of infantile amnesia.

7. Your favorite comic, manga or anime?
The only animes I’ve watched and remember are Vandread and Ah! My Goddess. I’ve read mostly Betty&Veronica comics, don’t remember reading manga, I might have though.

8. Your favorite Disney character?
Olaf and Stitch.

9. What’s a song that always makes you happy when you hear it?
Energy Song, definitely!

10. What would you do if you won in a lottery?
Go to Japan!

11. What is your ideal career?
A dancer, but due to certain circumstances, it will remain an ideal career. ^^,

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